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Welcome to my Convention Photo site.

I have enjoyed photographing conventions for years. However, until now I couldn't find an easy, cost effective way to share them with others.  I recently came across that technology, so here we go.
You can view all of the photos from a Convention in the Photo Gallery. To save space and decrease load time, all Gallery photos have a maximum resolution of 400x400.
If you would like to see the photos in a higher resolution you can purchase a CD containing medium resolution (max 1920x1080) photos for just $8.95 plus shipping (around $4.50). If you want "as shot" resolution photos (max 3888x2592) for printing or use in promos, the DVD sells for $15.95 plus shipping. To make a purchase go to the Buy Convention CD/DVDs page for the convention you want.

Midwest Magic Jubilee   Aug 15 16, and 17 th  St. Louis, Missouri


My apologies for not having the photos ready as soon as I would have liked. I am currently on the road working on a contract out of my area and have had little time to work on the edits. I am working on them as I get time and will try to have them all ready in the next week.  I will post on Facebook as I finish a portion of the photos for viewing.             

It was a great convention. 
The lectures and evening shows where wonderful.


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